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Creating a system state backup to a shared network folder is not allowed. To store a system state backup on a shared network folder, first run the backup to a local volume and then copy the backup to the shared network folder.
You cannot save a system state backup to DVDs and other removable disks.
You cannot perform a volume recovery from a system state backup.
You cannot perform a file recovery from a system state backup. To recover specific files from inside a system state backup, perform a system state recovery to an alternate location and then access the files from the alternate location specified.
There was a failure during the deletion of the backup set.
There was a failure in preparing the backup image of one of the volumes in the backup set.
One of the volumes specified for backup is non-existing.
The boot volume is different from the one in the backup.
System writer is not found in the backup.
Registry writer is not found in the backup.
Mounting of the volumes in the backup failed.
Failure during deleting the staging directory in one of the critical volumes.
Failure during the creation of staging directory in one of the critical volumes.
Failed to create the System Volume Information directory.
Metadata information for additional system files is corrupted.
Failed to stop the Certificate Server service.
Failed to restore the registry.
Pre-recovery operations for the registry failed.
Post-recovery operations for the registry failed.
Enumeration of the files failed.
Copy of the files failed.
Cleanup of the files failed.
There is a file specification on a volume that did not match any of the critical volumes in the backup.
Failure during creating the volume path prefix directory under the recovery destination.
Failure copying the registry files to the staging directory.
Failure mounting registry hives.
Failure opening registry key to register the system state recovery operation during next machine reboot.
Failure creating the SystemRestore key for delayed operations.
Failure lure opening registry key to register the system state recovery operatb_FaihtmaGRs9chine reboot.

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