About Us

We created the unlocalize.com project due to the annoying localized exceptions in different Microsoft environments, like .NET Framework, SQL Server, etc... Why annoying? Did you ever come across an error message in a different language that you had to find a solution for? Usually you copy the message to an Internet search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing and so on, and then you just hope to be pointed in the right direction.

(Un)fortunately, most solutions on the Internet are written in English. What now? Of course, if there is no solution to your localized error message found on the Internet, then you could translate the message to English yourself. But that is not as easy as it seems to be. You need be as precise as possible with your translation. Sometimes you need to be a wizard to successfully translate the message back to English. Other times you simply do not understand the message as it is written in another language apart from the native one or the English equivalent.

This is where unlocalize.com comes into its own!

You can simply search for the localized error message and let us find the exact original (unlocalized) error message. Moreover, we show you the top search results of the unlocalized message directly. Also, it only takes one click more to search for other solutions yourself using your favorite search engine.

We hope you like the unlocalize.com service. If so, please, let us know about it on our Facebook page or simply click Facebook's Like button directly on this page. We would like to know if you like our service.


Jaroslav Buček

administrator, contact person
email: jaroslav.bucek (at) unlocalize.com

Radim Dubový

email: radim.dubovy (at) unlocalize.com