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這部電腦的電腦名稱設定為 Windows 2000 前版的 NetBIOS 名稱。 電腦名稱是這部電腦完整 DNS 名稱的第一個標籤。因為電腦名稱包含空白或點, 所以不能加入至 DNS 資料庫。您必須重新命名電腦,才能在 DNS 中登錄這部電腦。 請以滑鼠右鍵按一下 [我的電腦],按一下 [內容],按一下 [網路識別] 索引標籤, 然後按一下 [內容],並修改電腦名稱。

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This computer's Computer Name is set to the pre-Windows 2000 NetBIOS name. The Computer Name is the first label of the full DNS name of this computer. This DNS name cannot be added to the DNS database because the Computer Name contains a space or dot. You must rename the computer so it can be registered in DNS. To do so, right-click My Computer, click Properties, click the Network Identification tab, and then click properties and modify the Computer Name.

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