The project is going live

We are proud to inform you about a completely new project that is mostly for programmers. is a unique project which is aimed at solving a common problem that many developers face on a daily basis and that is the localization of text. Often during the development or even use of an application exceptions can occur which are displayed to the developer in a different language than that of his own. This is all well for end users who can read these messages in their own language, but makes life difficult for developers who have to solve these issues. Information about why errors occurred can often only be found for English messages on the internet and searching for the same error message in a different language will often return no results. This is where comes in, the project consists of a database that contains all texts used in development tools (at the moment for the .NET Framework, but others are being prepared).

At one can enter the localized error message as it is displayed by the server (or copy it directly from the error log), the original message will be returned and a google search will automatically find solutions for the error.

At present our database contains over 700 thousand error messages and other texts and that in 24 languages worldwide.