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无法将此计算机升级为 名为 %1 的域的第一个域控制器。这是因为某些 DNS 服务器的配置是为了拒绝 来自此计算机或另一个试图进行名称 解析的 DSN 服务器的查询。配置用来拒绝查询的 DNS 服务器列表可能 包括配置此计算机用于名称 解析的 DNS 服务器以及负责主管以下 区域的 DNS 服务器:

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This computer cannot be promoted as a first domain controller of the domain named %1. This is because some of the DNS servers are configured to refuse queries from this computer or another DNS server that attempted a name resolution. The list of DNS servers configured to refuse queries might include the DNS servers that this computer is configured to use for name resolution and the DNS servers responsible authoritative for the following zones:

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